Friday, July 19, 2013

Angel Food Pan for Corn Cutting!

I LOVE me some fresh corn ya'll! And I have 4 wonderful little shuckers that do all the hot and sweaty I don't mind running down to the nice Amish Folk near us and grabbing some bushels full!
There are sooo many ways to put up corn and I've posted HERE before about how I do it. Well, each year I find ways to help me in small ways to make it go a little smoother. And this year, I came across an idea while online searching out fresh corn ideas. Use an angel food cake pan to hold the cob above the pan while cutting off the kernels!!!! And I love it! I mean I had kiddos BEGGING me to let them do all the work! Ha! Now you can't beat that.
Although it did help that I finally broke down and bought the Pampered Chef Corn Cutter this year. (BTW: Absolutely a MUST HAVE). It is sooo much safer than a knife...especially when I have so many miniature helpers!
This was the grueling and dangerous BEFORE method. I didn't let my kiddos help much with that. Plus the benefit of using the angel food pan is that you're not fighting the sides of the bowl the whole time. My wrist would actually hurt sometimes from pressing down on the sides of the bowl. The only downside of using the angel food pan is that if you go really fast some kernels don't make it into the pan. But at a steady smooth pace it worked FANTASTIC! I only put up a bushel and a half but am thinking of going back for more. I've got some green beans to put up today....trying to figure that out now!
Happy Corn Cutting ya'll!


  1. Told ya that Pampered Chef corn cutter was a must have!!

  2. Wow, what a great idea! Perfect for this time of year!