Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Notes

We found love notes last night when we got back from our early Valentines dinner from our girls.

Here is a few pictures of Ruth's notes. Kenny's was hidden in his wallet and mine was behind my pillow. I'm really glad she "meens it"! 

Here are Abigail's and Hannah's.....Abigail put mine on the computer desk and Hannah had mine laying on my bed. I didn't get theirs to their Daddy because Abigail said she folded hers up and put it in front of his entry card so that when he goes to work he will see it.
Hannah did a two for one deal here, ha!
I love the fact that "mom" is an afterthought here. As "Dad" is the one who is in charge of buying the Valentine goodies for them!
After we left Red Lobster last night (BTW I am in love with Red Lobster now)....they had a 4 course meal for $15.99. I ate like I hadn't ate in a long time. I should have taken pics but oh well. You'll just have to imagine I suppose. My dinner included Bacon and Potato Soup, Salad with Ranch, Grilled Tilapia with Wild Rice, Baked Potato, and.....Brownie Ale mode. Oh and 2 Cheddar Biscuits, ha! I was so stuffed I had to waddle out of there! Anyway to finish my first sentence....after we left Red Lobster we ran over to Michael's to pick up some Valentine goodies for the girls. I usually let Kenny do this all on his own. However, I was with him and he hadn't had a chance I helped. We found these cute spa sets for 70% off.
We got one for Abigail and Ruth. And since Hannah is on this big knitting kick right now we got her some of the ruffle yarn that is so hard to find right now and another skein of regular yarn for her valentine surprise.
Jack was kinda hard to buy for in Michael's but we managed to find him a set of toy binoculars and a little airplane. And of course they had to have some sort of candy for Valentines too! So Kenny picked out some cute little suckers in the check out line! I just love Valentine's Day. I drew little hearts on the girl's worksheets this morning. Making math problems a little more lovely ;)
Happy Valentine's Day everyone! We love you!


  1. Aww, that is sweet. I enjoy Valentines Day too, and I meen it. Lol

  2. Awww too cute. My kids made me sweet things at school. I love Valentines Day!!!!